Why did we decide to start a page dedicated to Adventure Dogs?

a dog on an adventure
Several of us, currently or formerly, worked in the public lands/outdoor recreation sector.  It is not uncommon to see recreationists unknowingly risk their dogs safety by heading out completely unprepared, or unaware of what their dog needed.

In many cases, the results of this lack of preparation, or misunderstanding resulted in a canine fatality.  Nobody wants this.

Inspired by a desire to somehow help both dog and caregiver have a better outdoor experience, we partnered with local veterinarians. Combining that with our outdoor recreation experience, we hoped to create generate content that is evidence-based (as much as possible) and informed.


An adventure that takes place over several days means you gotta’ think about what your pooch will need over the same amount of time.  Packing more food is just the first step.


This probably covers the most ground. Hiking, trail running and our personal favorite, mountain biking.  Trail Doggin’ makes every adventure better.


Canoes, Kayays and Paddle Boards, maybe even a sail-boat adventure is on the horizon.  What do you need to know to be safe and fun when you leave terra-firma behind.