Mountain Biking

Bryan and Kaia

Bryan and Kaia

Foxwood Films produced, what we feel is easily, one of the best mountain bike dog videos we have ever come across. It manages to capture exactly how amazing it can be to mountain bike with your dog.

Bryans Advice

I kinda just threw her into it but I wish I had done more. She tends to get a bit over-excited (as you can see in the video) and burns herself out really quick. I can’t take her on long rides because I don’t want to run her too hard; it can lead to problems as they get older. I think you have to teach them that the bike isn’t something to chase, it should be the same as going for a walk. Start by taking them slowly on the road beside you on the leash and slowly work your way up to off-leash trail riding.

“But once you get them trained, you have a riding buddy that will never bail on you! And even though I’ve taken her many times she still sometimes ends up off the trail. I just gotta keep an eye on her.

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