Mountain Biking

Moab Mountain Bike Dog

Moab Mountain Bike Dog

Moab Brand Trails in Moab, Utah.

Our annual Valentines Day trip to Moab starts off with an old Favorite. Chase and I do a quick run around the Moab Brand Trails just north of Moab. This is one of our favorite dog-friendly mountain bike rides, and February is perfect for the dog because it’s still nice and cool.

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How We Capture Video

We use a GoPro Hero 3 (but any action camera would work) attached to a mini-tripod. But not just any mini-tripod. A Pedco Ultrapod.

We’ve been using this same Pedco Ultrapod since 1994. It’s small enough to fit anywhere, and it’s flexible enough to attach it whereever you want to get the shot. One of the tripod legs is pointy so you can jam it into the dirt, plus the velcro strap allows you to affix the tripod to anything from tree’s, bushes, barbed wire, fence-posts and even Carsonite trail signs.

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