Velowave MTB3 eBike Review

Velowave MTB3 eBike Review

It’s well-known that I firmly believe mountain biking is one of the best cross-training options for improving motorcycle riding. The transfer of techniques is remarkable. However, I’ll admit that getting back into bicycling can be challenging, primarily due to the fitness required. Fortunately, an eBike eliminates this fitness barrier.

Introducing the Velowave Ghost. This bike features a large 13 amp-hour battery and a 500-watt motor, making it feel like you have the strength of a professional athlete. It offers three riding modes: pedal assist, thumb throttle, and traditional pushbike mode. With a retail price under $1400, it’s also affordable.

You might be surprised to learn that eBikes are not a new concept—they were first developed in the 1890s. The modern eBike, however, was pioneered by Yamaha in the late 1980s, including the first pedal assist system introduced in 1993. While China leads global eBike sales, with eBikes available for around $200, these typically use lead-acid batteries, which are much heavier than the advanced batteries in the Velowave Ghost.

Here in Salt Lake City, everything is on a hill. With the Velowave Ghost’s 500 watts of power, even the steepest hills are a breeze. The bike offers five power modes, and in full power mode, you can reach speeds close to 30 miles per hour. For quick errands or commutes, you can get there and back quickly without breaking a sweat.

Approximately 130 million eBikes are sold annually, generating $20 billion in sales, with no signs of slowing down. The Ghost features robust 27.5-inch tires, perfect for bike paths, rough asphalt, gravel roads, and even light singletrack trails. Velowave offers various bike styles to suit different terrains.

The United States has been slow to embrace eBikes, which is puzzling. They are cost-effective and economical to operate, especially compared to cars. With the network of bike paths, you can often get around faster than by car, avoiding stoplights and traffic. Plus, riding an eBike is simply a lot of fun.

With rising gas prices, I find myself using the Velowave more frequently, and despite tackling steep hills, I’ve yet to significantly deplete the battery. As someone with a background in bicycle mechanics, I can attest that the Velowave was exceptionally well-packaged and ready to ride in about 15 minutes. I did swap the brakes to match my motorcycle’s configuration.

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